Memecahkan Masalah Lewat Cerpen Asoy – Rather than destroying your old drive, why not use it either to appear in a cage. Not only will you instantly given yourself a new external hard drive but it will already be filled with your old files that you can sort and keep if they are still needed. If not simply wipe them and start again using the drive instead as either auxiliary storage (especially useful in the case of a laptop computer), a data transfer device or a backup drive.

There are some points you need to consider when purchasing an enclosure:
Size – Old laptop hard drives tend to measure 2.5 “whereas their desktop equivalent tend to be 3.5” in size and of course important that you get the correct enclosure for your particular drive. Not only will you not physically fit with a 3.5 “drive 2.5” enclosure, but the 3.5 “drive requires a separate power supply whereas the smaller 2.5” models can usually draw sufficient power from the USB port.

Hard Drive Interface – Your hard drive would have previously connected to the computer via an IDE or a SATA interface – this is primarily determined by the age of the device. The new SATA drives tend designs but if you recuing drive from an older machine is more likely to have an IDE connection.

Both are quite clearly different and identification should not be a problem, the IDE connector is quite long with 39 pins (one pin in the middle of the connector is absent to ensure the cable is connected correctly) whereas SATA connections constitute a small 7 pin port with a right angle at one one end.