Tingkatkan Puisi Lebih Baik – Women Happiness factors. GETTING day, it seems happiness is increasingly becoming a lucrative business materials. See, how many writers who published a book on the topic of being personally happy that accompanied various ways and sweet promises Dlm reach it.

However, experts say the real happiness comes down to three things, what are they? Three factors of happiness, especially for women, written by a blogger Joe Robinson who constituted the results of previous research by experts at the University of Rochester. The following three factors.

Autonomy: if you have the freedom to control everything in the home and work environments.  doing so, you are free to choose anything that you want presented Dlm your life without a defined or controlled others. 2. Competence: this feeling will make you stronger and empowered so feel able to initiate and perform any job.

if you feel any tighty and connect with others. However, of course the size of happiness is certainly different for each person However, in general, a person will feel less happy when they feel the lack of balance dlm dlm something in life.